Monday, January 31, 2011


Here is something we have almost everyday!


These are SO easy and can be served right away OR put in the freezer and eaten later for a ice cream like treat!

Dump in a blender...
1 can of coconut milk (Thai brand you can get anywhere, or Whole foods 365 line are good) (FULL fat, remember GOOD FAT is GOOD!) More to come on this topic!
2 cups of Trader Joe's frozen pineapple pieces
2 cups of Blueberries or Strawberries or both
1 scoop of Trader Joe's Organic Stevia (we don't use any sugar or artificial sweetener in this house at ALL!)

To be honest, I do not measure, you cant go wrong! I barely measure ANYTHING anymore! :)

If you don't have these ingredients, TRY to just pick them up! I promise you will like this!

For added health benefits, squirt in flax oil, a raw egg YOLK (yes I said YOLK, that is the healthier part of the egg...did you  know that??) and raw spinach (you CANT taste the spinach!)

Also, if you don't like blueberries, add strawberries etc.. whatever fruit you like.
Here are some that work great: Mango and pineapple make smoothies sweet. Banana gives it a even more creamy texture. The berries add flavor.  I think Trader Joe's is the best, cheapest place to get frozen fruit. I use frozen fruit because it tastes better... more like a shake!  Feel free to use fresh too!

Remember, this is REAL food, and so therefore you will be satisfied, full, and not "crave" more food because your body will USE all this food and it will register in your brain!  Its really THAT simple! Now if you eat this and binge later on a bunch of chemicals and bad-for-you-carbs, this wont work. Try one day JUST eating REAL food. It will change your life!

THANK YOU Megan for introducing me to this SUPER easy, fast, meal or snack! They are AMAZING!
Please blog what you made! We would love to hear!


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