Monday, February 7, 2011

Are YOU sick???

Everywhere I turn people are telling me how sick they are the past few weeks! I mean everywhere!

We are NOT sick... a coincidence? No, not at all.

However, just 3 years ago, that WAS Calei and I. 100%. All the time. (I spent my whole life ALWAYS SICK!) 
I purposely saved a calendar I had from when Calei was 3.  We had just changed our diet to Gluten (wheat) and dairy free. However, we went from no wheat and dairy, to processed gluten/dairy free JUNK food.  Needless to say, we didn't see many health benefits to this diet change.  In fact, the reason I saved this calendar is because from September to about May Calei and I were sick EVERY OTHER WEEK! I would use a highlighter  in my calendar to indicate who was sick when.  This was astonishing to me!  The following year is when we made more appropriate diet changes and began the REAL food journey. From that point forward, we saw dramatic changes! 

I learned being "sick" is NOT normal! Say it with me! BEING SICK IS NOT NORMAL!
Sickness is a signal from your body that it cannot work right to fight off disease and infection.  Why can't it  work right? Well, I am assuming you know this answer without me showing you a mirror!

IF Calei and I do get sick, and that is a BIG "IF", its a 24 hour thing and I know how to treat the sickness.  We do not medicate.  We nourish our bodies.  We allow fevers to do their job. (no, we dont let our fevers get out of control but when you have a nourished body, fevers do their job and fight off the virus/infection)

1. We do not consume sugar BUT if you still eat sugar (sugar is in everything!) as soon as you get a sniffle, stop.
2. Vitamin D3-mega dose
3. Homemade chicken broth
This is SO EASY to make! Buy an Organic Whole Chicken from Trader Joes/Whole Foods...cook it to eat.
Put the carcass in a large pot with carrots, onion, celery, salt, pepper, parsley, a splash of raw organic apple cider vinegar and a hunk of Ginger (key ingredient in my opinion).  Cook all day on simmer.
I use ice cube trays and freeze my broth.  Once frozen I pop out the broth cubes and put in a baggie for later use. 
DO NOT cook broth in the microwave. All health benefits are zapped out, literally! Just put a few cubes in a pot and heat up. It doesn't take THAT long!
4. Water, lots and lots of water!
5. Increase probiotics

It is crucial that if you are already sick, or getting sick, to eat clean, OR be prepared to be sick. Its that simple. Your body cannot work to fight virus's or infections without proper nutrition. It will shut down.

Knock on wood, I have NOT had a cold etc.. Its AMAZING! I wouldn't go back to my old life style EVER!

I LOVE hearing from you! Your comments, your journey, you questions, etc.. PLEASE post if you can!!!! :)

ALSO, if you are making changes keep a journal. Small changes add up to BIG changes over time. Keep track of your progress! If you slip, go back to reading your journal. Journaling is HUGE in this process. Write down what you learn as it can be overwhelming at times! There is a LOT to learn, but its fun, all positive and life changing!

Have a HEALTHY week!



Jen said...

Hi there!
Not sure if I am doing this right or not. No we are not sick!!!! I have been nervous a few times because we have been with people who became sick after we were with them or with sick people and not knowing or been to a jumpy place where there are a lot of germs or I forgot to wash hands when we got home from the store etc etc BUT thankfully we have not gotten sick. We do not eat perfect by any means but we try our best and we do take the three vital supplements so I believe that is really helping. Yahooo!!!!! Got to run, keep up the good work! I picked up frozen mango today from TJ's to try that in a smoothie oh and spinach!
thank you for always sharing your research it really really helps alot.

Jeni Clark said...

THANKS Jen!!!!!! Glad to hear you got the mango! That was our snack today! YUM! And the frozen pineapple from TJ's too is SWEET! Let me know how you like the smoothie--had one of those today too! Its SO NICE to not be sick all the time! You knew us then! :)
THANKS SO MUCH for posting!!!!!