Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Family Farm Expo March 11 (my notes Part 1)

This workshop on Saturday at UIC was PHENOMENAL! I encourage ALL of you to visit Weston A. Price's web site (see link on right hand side). 

Here is an outline of the notes I took that day. Part 2 will give you a bit more information.

Since the 1980’s obesity rates DOUBLED!
1 out of 6 kids have some kind of disease or behavioral disorder! BTW this is NOT normal!

Primitive HEALTHY Cultures all had in common:
  1. Natural Diet, especially focusing on pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and children (specific foods given at those times) No refined or denatured foods.
  2. Perfect Teeth
  3. NO Tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, or diseases of their time etc...
  4. Diet contained animal products.  Fish, Raw Dairy, Chicken, etc...
  5. Fermented Foods
  6. Cod Liver Oil
  7. Spaced out their children (pregnant no more then once every 3 years, to give the mother time to re-cooperate nutritionally and spend quality time with their young)
  8. Most cooked their plants
  9. Due to their diet, they had high levels of enzymes and beneficial bacteria.
  10. They ate soaked, sprouted, fermented seeds, grains, nuts and legumes.
  11. They are a LOT of good fat.
  12. They consumed a lot of Omega 6 and 3’s in BALANCE!
  13. They used REAL salt.
  14. They consumed bone broth.
  15. Principals of diet were taught to the very young.
  16. Easy pregnancies and deliveries, healthy babies.

Once these primitive cultures began eating a more modern diet (starting with vegetable oils), for the first time, first and second generations showed signs of:
  1. Disease including TB, and the various modern day diseases and disorders.
  2. Tooth decay followed by crooked teeth and narrow faces
  3. Hard pregnancies, hard child birth, and unhealthy babies.

These people clearly were getting sicker and sicker with each generation.  This type of research is what fuels me to get the word out for the sake of future generations! 

All of this research is documented on the Weston A. Price’s web site. I encourage you to read Dr. Price’s research. It is absolutely EYE opening!  The pictures he has of healthy people vs. unhealthy people say a million words!

I will be typing out my notes on the “why’s” and “details” of the above information as I feel that is the most important information! I will post that shortly!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!


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