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Family Farm Expo PART 2

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3-11-11 Family Farm Expo
Sally Fallon
Weston A. Price studied primitive tribes and their among these healthy people. In Family Farm Expo Part 1, I summarized the commonalities among these people all over the world.
Here I will type out various key points I took from listening to Sally Fallon:
ALL your nutrients should come from food, NOT a pill.
ALWAYS buy chicken with skin on for maximum nutrients! We call the skin “crispies”.

Animal products contain NATURAL vitamin A and D and GOOD Cholesterol. This is crucial for kids growing brain and gut. A and D are “activators” that help body absorb minerals. Like a house, A and D are the mortar and the minerals are the brick.
Animal products also contain B12, EPA and DHA, calcium, B6, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper etc…! The body easily absorbs these nutrients from animal products (versus vegetables).
If you are vegan, please be aware of zinc deficiencies. And if you are a vegan please note that cows are used for many modernized items! The list was endless! Including parts of a telephone!
Raw Dairy products and Bone Broth are the BEST sources of Calcium! There is a reason restaurants serve soup before a meal. The broth helps with digestion and absorption of the nutrients you eat! Bone Broth should be eaten daily before meals!
Lack of B12 causes lots of problems! 95% of mental patients are deficient!
Primitive diets contained 4x’s the calcium and minerals and 10x’s the fat soluble vitamins especially A and D.
Vitamin A myth:
Vegetables like tomatoes contain Vitamin A. NOT TRUE! They contain the precursors to convert to vitamin A.
In order to convert beta carotene to A many things need to happen. Conversion of beta carotene to vitamin A you need lots of enzymes! You need the proper fats (so butter those carrots!), a healthy thyroid, vitamin E etc….
47% of women cannot make the conversion. It is almost impossible for babies and children to make this conversion! It is almost impossible for diabetics, people with poor thyroid or liver etc.. to make this conversion.
Pesticides interfere with vitamin A conversion and absorption.
Vitamin A is also needed for protein and calcium absorption. Fastest way to deplete Vit A is a low fat, high protein diet. Important to NOT eat lean meat or consume protein powder for all the reasons above!
Transfats inhibit enzymes that make the conversion.
It is also depleted by stress, cold weather, exposure to toxins, physical exersion, and fever/illness.
That is why when a child (or adult) has a fever, give them egg yolk, Cod Liver Oil, broth and fat as medicine! J Fevers serve a purpose, to kill off the “bad guys”. It is so very important to let a child’s body work and not run to get Tylenol.
Vitamin D, myth, get it from the sun. The only time this is true here in Chicago is in July and August when the sun is over head.
Vit D is crucial for many reasons. You will have better muscle tone and need to work out less if you have adequate amounts of Vit D in your system. Many people are very deficient in Vit D and do not know it.
Cod Liver Oil is crucial especially in the first year of life! There is a study on diabetes. Kids who had CLO during the first year of life never got diabetes versus the group that did not get it.
Liver is a great source. You can hide it in dishes such as meatloaf. Cooking in lard is also a great source of Vit D. It contains 1,000 IU’s in 1 Tablespoon!
Vitamin K2:
K1 is in plants and we CANT use it.
A cow eats grass and K2 is formed. If you have K2 in your saliva you wont have cavities!! Heart disease is a K2 deficiency.
Note: Vitamin A, D and K ALL work together! Must be in balance!
Sources of K2: fermented soy, egg yolk, butter, raw cheese, fatty meat, sauerkraut, fermented CLO etc… Cow sources are the BEST for A,D, K2
I noticed a common theme in the foods that were most nutrient dense.
Grass fed chicken eggs have 8x’s more Vit D! Yolks should be dark. She showed yolks from store bought eggs vs. yolks from grass fed free range chickens! One was deep yellow and one was PALE yellow!
When you wean your baby the most nutrient dense foods for brain and development are liver, egg yolk!
Vitamins B6 and B12 are abundant in the liver and absorbed by the body!
Raw versus Cooked food:
ALL traditional cultures COOK their food especially plants.
However, B6 is very fragile and bananas have the highest level.
B6 is destroyed by heat. B6 deficiencies are links to SO many issues especially kidney failure and alcoholics.
High levels of enzymes and beneficial bacteria are essential for true health. The foods mentioned are the best sources.
Study on dogs and cooked food. Those who got cooked food their pancreases and salvatory glands were enlarged and their brain and reproductive organs shrank! Enzymes are destroyed by heat.
Enzyme rich food:
Raw Dairy, raw meat, raw fish, raw honey, tropical fruits, cold pressed oils, lacto fermented food.
Healthy bodies lived with micro organisms. There is 6 pounds of beneficial bacteria in the gut. A bio film lining is in the gut and the gut is 85 % your immune system.
Everyday good bacteria feed this bio film lining and keep you healthy. This is why use of antibiotics and chlorine is not good, it KILLS the good bacteria.
Raw Milk
Antimicrobial components and destroys pathogens! Raw milk has almost all the components of blood! (called “White Blood”)
NEVER drink skim milk, you NEED the fat!
Once pasteurized, a ton of the milks health benefits are gone.
MANY outbreaks and recalls of pasteurized milk! MANY! NOT ONE DEATH due to RAW MILK! 1945 and earlier raw milk was normal. 1946 Readers Digest (very popular at the time) made up a story about the safety of Raw Milk. They were NOT true! Since 1999 there have been NO recalls of Raw Milk (yet TONS of food/drink are recalled DAILY)
Pasteurized milk causes allergies, asthma, ear infections, gastrointestinal problems etc…
Proteins in milk are 3D, but once pasteurized they are flattened and body looks at it as a toxin and unknown.
Asthma is BEST treated by using RAW MILK!
82% of people who are lactose intolerant CAN do Raw Milk! 82%!
SOAK, SPROUT or ferment!
High in enzyme inhibitors, mineral blockers, tannins and lectins!
Animals have 2 stomachs, one to let the food ferment/bacteria and another to digest.
Coating on the seeds=preservatives
Denatures Grains!
BILLION dollar industry.
Rats lived one year fed wheat
Rats lived 2 weeks fed excruded wheat (CEREAL!)
Rats fed rat chow--lived one year
Rats fed corn flakes: were irritated, bit each other, died of seizures and had lesions on their nerves
Rats who are the box the cereal came in died of starvation
Proteins are 3D and organized
Excrusion process smashes them and body sees them as toxins
Modern OJ LOADED with pesticides!
Add extra yolk to a scrambled egg
Cook pineapple in bacon fat
Saturated fats are ESSENTIAL for health. Play SO many roles in good health. Lungs cannot function without saturated fats. People with little saturated fat have high rates of heart disease. Weston A Price has a chart that shows how Margarine and Shortening are made. A MUST SEE! I GAGGED! Its AWFUL! If people KNEW this information they would NOT touch it!
Omega 3/6
Need equal amounts!
A bit of flax oil in salad good too!
Salt is needed for SO MANY REASON! That is REAL SALT! Not the white stuff! Salt should be pink or grey.
TONS of calcium
Helps with digestion
Heals digestive track,
Vinegar in broth draws out the calcium (add a splash!)
Skim off scum on top (this is impurities!)
BEEF STOCK reduction
Basis of ALL good sauces.
That “flavor” is imitated by MSG!
Get the MSG LIST! SOOoo many ingredients mean “MSG”
Excitotoxins by Russell Blaylock a must read (MSG)
If you are tired, you are NOT digesting!
MOST vegetables should be cooked with butter!

To get the PowerPoint of Sally Fallons presentation:

Alice Waters Simple Food Cookbook

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Laura Collins said...

I absolutely LOVE Sally Fallon's Noursihing Traditions Book. It is like a bible for nutrition geeks - you can hardly manage to process it all, let alone incorporate it all, after one read. But, if you dedicate yourself to its principles, your life will slowly change for the better (bible-ish, right :-)?).

Grass fed meat, pastured eggs and raw dairy are now part of our everyday diet along with lots of butter, coconut oil, etc.

SO IMPORTANT to always be sure you are choosing the right quality of food - lard is, "shockingly", a healthy fat... BUT you cannot just buy the lard off the shelf at Walmart. It is hydrogenated and dangerous. Getting educated about proper nutrition takes time! It's worth it!