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This is another question I get ALL the time!

WHY Wheat and Dairy Issues?

A little history...
Wheat and Dairy are the two foods added to man’s diet when we changed from a hunter-gatherer life style to one of cultivation and domestication.

The proteins of Grain (Wheat is one example of a grain. Others: corn, oat, rye and barley) (Gluten is the protein) and milk (casein is the protein) are two of the HARDEST proteins for humans to digest! HARDEST! Most people have problems with these foods and just don’t know it. The cause a whole bunch of symptoms! 

Grains and dairy are found in SO many processed food items! They are consumed in abundance. Too much of these food items DAILY are NOT good!

They cause SO many health problems: sneezing, itching, arthritis, nervous disorders, concentration problems, insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, etc... Get the point! The list is endless! Remember, ALL of the above diseases/illnesses are a SYMPTOM! What is the CAUSE? Maybe what you are EATING!

Note: Your ancestors ate WHOLE FOODS found in nature (meat and veggies)!

90% of money spent on food in America is PROCESSED!  Processed food is only about 100 years old. This is the primary reason WHY we are having an epidemic of chronic diseases!

When you "process" food, the original nutrients are LOST! Therefore, making that food exceptionally unhealthy! Wheat for instance, is loaded with chemicals and pesticides to keep the insects away. There are chemical substances used in wheat to prevent it from absorbing moisture, color and flavor improvers, softeners, and even bleach in some cases!

Once swallowed, the piece of white bread turns into a glue-like mass, which feeds parasites and pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the gut, contributing to toxic overload. And we wonder WHY we have SO MANY health problems!

Traditional cultures usually SOAK or SPROUT their grains or CULTURE their dairy before eating them to help with digestion.

Problem with milk stems from the body’s inability to produce the enzyme lactase which is required to break down a portion of the lactose (milk sugar)!

RAW Milk is another story! IF you HAVE to have milk, I would highly recommend on reading up on RAW Milk! Weston Prices has the best info!

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Laura Collins said...

Hi all! I have a bunch of comments in my head, so forgive the length of this reply :-).

I am glad Jeni pointed out corn as a grain - so many people incorrectly view corn as a veggie!

So good to see Jeni mention sprouting grains! We always hear that whole grains are important for our health, but a package at the store with PROCESSED whole grain flour, even if 100% whole grain, is NOT providing our bodies with nutrition! Grain flour is rarely healthy.

While it seems "odd" to many people to consider raw milk and other raw dairy products (raw means it is not pasteurized or heated in any other way), I studied this for a long time and MADE THE SWITCH! I pick up our milk & other dairy once a week in Homer Glen. It has been an AMAZING change for us. We now eat very little dairy, and when we do, it is almost always raw. You can learn the facts at www.westonaprice.org AND www.realmilk.com!