Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Medicine Batman!

So last week I went into my linen closet and looked up and saw this familiar bin. This "bin" was my "medicine bin".  This "bin" was used ALL the time before changing my diet! Given that we have been on this journey for almost 3 years, I was FLOORED and HORRIFIED at all the medication that I used to take ALL THE TIME because I was ALWAYS SICK!! 

It was "normal" for me to take "Pepcid" after eating because "I didn't feel well" or pop a "Tums" or two.  I HAD to carry Pepcid in my purse at ALL times so I was prepared if I got sick when I ate out.  I had "anti-diarrhea" medication, again, for not being able to "tolerate" certain foods.  I always got colds. I counted 3 bottles of Nyquil as well as MANY other over the counter "cold and flu drugs".  Then the cough medications with Codeine!  The only thing that worked for my chronic "bronchitis".  My "Vicks" for that "tickle" in my throat I could not get rid of!  Advil for my aches and pains and of course headaches.  I even found "baby Oragel, Cherry flavored" that I used to wipe ALL over Caleis gums! UGH!

Normal?? NO!! NOT AT ALL!! It is NOT normal to have ALL the above health problems and constantly take medication!

And then I began to sob! Yes, CRY! I have not TOUCHED this box in almost 3 years!! I have not HAD to touch this box in almost 3 years!! I will say that again, I have NOT had to touch this medication in almost 3 years!!  I was overwhelmed by emotion. I forgot how SICK I was!!
Oh and then it hit me, how FAR I have come on this health journey. While I am STILL detoxifying from YEARS of abuse, my body is OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH MORE HEALTHY then it was back in the "medicine box days".  
Had to share...

This catapulted me into sitting down and writing my "story" on paper. Because this SURE is a journey, not an over night "fix" and a journey I am FOREVER GRATEFUL I chose to go down!

While it is normal to get sick occasionally, it is NOT normal to be sick to the degree Calei and I were before changing our diets. I posted about this already.  Calei has been sick a handful of times this year, but that is normal, and its a child's way of building their immune system (something that was destroyed since the moment Calei was born due to her health issues).  I also know when she gets sick NOT to give her medication (unless she was literally dying).  Most ALL medications for children contain synthetic ingredients, SUGAR and FOOD DYE! These make people SICK!

We supply her body with nutrient dense foods, and immune support.  We are huge fans of Water, Vitamin D3, Probiotic, Colloidal Silver, and Chicken Broth and give the body what it needs to fight the illness on its own (hence truly building her immune system).  We rest and keep it simple. 

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!
Jeni Clark~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got Milk? I Hope it's RAW!

OOooo I probably just scared away a ton of people with that title alone! But please, bear with me, and read on!  This research was fascinating for me to do! I learned SO much about milk from a variety of reputable sources!  It was SO eye opening I would be dreaming about it at night! :) Yep, it's an understatement...I'm a food GEEK and SO grateful for all I am learning!

Lets talk store-bought pasteurized milk!

What is "pasteurization"? Some people don't even know. In my past unhealthy life (LOL) I didn't know the process milk went under (pasteurization) before it hit the shelves but I bought it thinking it was a healthy food.

So what is it? It's heating the milk to extreme temperatures, then cooling, which dramatically changes the structure of the milk proteins (hence, creating allergy).

SO WHY do we do it?  A little history...
It began in the 1920's.  It was used to kill germs that were spreading during that time due to unsanitary production methods.
TODAY, sanitation is NOT an issue, yet, pasteurization STILL exists.

The results of pasteurizing milk are as follows: (sorry this is a LONG one!)
1.  Kills enzymes that allow the body to absorb calcium! (NO kidding!)
2.  Destroys minerals that help body absorb the milks nutrients!
3.  Contributes to Osteoporosis (this is a blog within itself!)
4.  The sugars then cannot be digested and the fats become toxic
5.  Pasteurization destroys beneficial bacteria and lactic acids that protect your body from disease!
6.  It diminishes CORTISONE like factors in the milk that would OTHERWISE COMBAT ALLERGIES! (OOOOO this is a BIGGY!)
7.  Pasteurization destroys B12 and B6 (which by the way SO many people are B deficient!)
8.  It contributes to allergies, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, tooth decay, colic, reproductive issues, weak immune system, etc.. etc... etc... I am sure you get the point!
9. Most people cannot digest the lactose due to the lack of the lactose digesting enzyme called lactase.
10.  The milk protein "casein" causes havoc on the system.
11.  Pasteurized milk is the MAIN cause for colic in infants! Even breast fed babies if the mother consumes pasteurized dairy.

It is the #1 ALLERGIC food in this country! #1!!!
Pasteurized dairy has a wide range of antigens (immunoglobulins), antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones to name a few.

What's IN your pasteurize milk?
These sick cows are fed unhealthy diets, which in turn are passed on to you.

There IS an exception when it comes to some people's reaction to Pasteurized Dairy.  Pure milk fat (Ghee) (Clarified Butter) doesn't contain milk proteins or lactose.  It contains valuable nutrients like fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, E and beta carotene) Again RAW dairy :)

Raw Dairy is LOADED with beneficial nutrients, bacteria (the kind we NEED), vitamins (especially calcium), and enzymes (needed for digestion) and CLA. 

First off, the facts are, you can get sick from ANY food! That is reality. I ask you to check how many times RAW MILK was recalled VERSUS the THOUSANDS of processed food that is recalled DAILY!  I was FLOORED when I looked into this. TONS of food is recalled DAILY! 

So please, if you MUST drink milk, go to your local CO OP and get RAW MILK.  Also, begin reading about how Raw Milk can "cure" so many illnesses like Asthma and Skin related issues. The research is overwhelming!

Also, this is a condensed version of all I have learned. I am trying to keep things simple. There is SO much more to milk then what I just posted.  I am sure after reading some of my posts you probably have questions or still don't fully understand. PLEASE post comments and I will respond ASAP!

Have a HEALTHY and HAPPY week!

Jeni Clark~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunscreens! Its time!

Good Ol' Chicago weather! One minute its 80 and the next minute they are calling for SNOW!  If you were like me over the past few days, you may have grabbed some sunscreen to lather on! (Or if you are like my hubby, you didn't, and got burnt!)

My dear friend Laura researched healthy sunscreens in 2010. If you want more current information, I urge you to visit   All Sunscreens are rated on this site on an Overall Scale of 0-10.  Zero – 2 is SAFE, 3-6 is mild caution, 7-10 is avoid. 

Ingredients to avoid: Oxybenzone and Vitamin A!

Here is the 2010 List: (We personally tried the Coppertone Kids Pure and Simple (Walmart) and LOVED it!

Coppertone Kids Pure & Simple SPF 50
Note:  Only these EXACT titles are in the safe ratings…  EX: Coppertone Kids without the “Pure & Simple” is a 5 and contains Oxybenzone.
Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50
Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50
Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple SPF 50
Coppertone Ultra Guard SPF 15 (rating of “4”)
Burts Bees w/ Hemp Oil SPF 30 is a 4 rating
Burts Bees Radiance Day Lotion is a 4 rating
Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Stick SPF 60 is a 4 rating
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF 30 is a 4 rating
Johnson & Johnson Baby Sunscreen SPF 40 is a 3 rating
CVS w/ Zinc Oxide SPF 45 is a 3 rating
Blue Lizard Sensitive and Baby are 3 ratings
Blue Lizard Regular and Sport are 4 ratings  (oxybenzone)

The chemicals in so many cosmetics cause SO many problems. Too much to even list here. Please visit and see how your cosmetics add up!  It is just as important as what you eat!

Please pass along to anyone who might be interested in reading Real Nutrition Blog! Also, if you have any comments or questions, please post, I would love to hear from you!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!!!xo

Thursday, April 7, 2011

GO WHITE SOX! (despite being raised a Cubs fan!)

Yes, this is POST #2 this week... HAD TO!

Honestly, I do NOT follow baseball BUT did read in the paper today that starting this year, U.S. Cellular Field will be stocking GLUTEN FREE and ORGANIC SNACKS!

(Deep breath) CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?!?

SUCH a sign of the times people!!!!!!

Besides the ORGANIC fruit they will offer, by no means is this "health food" BUT for those of us who pack our food where ever we go, this is EXCITING NEWS!

I peaked at the picture of the food in the paper and it looks like Eden Organic Brand Nuts! Hip hip hooray! Green and Blacks Organic CHOCOLATE! Yummmmmmmy!!!! And some other organic "processed" gluten free food. Oh and I should mention Gluten Free Beer! (Gave up drinking quite a while ago, so a NO-GO for me!)

Again, NOT 100% healthy BUT much better then Macaroni and Cheese topped with CHEETOS! Gag, barf, puke!

This article comes out after my family and I went to the movies to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (thumbs UP!) I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, watching everyone gorge themselves on CRAP. I mean NOTHING at a theater is healthy. NOTHING.  In fact, the food at a theater causes SO MANY health issues! (as you now know from reading my blog) It saddened me to see so many people potentially unaware of what they are doing to their body! Compels me to continue writing and continue talking to whomever wants to "know" the truth (which seems to happen almost daily now!)

I was standing in line at Trader Joes today and the woman in front of me is telling the pregnant cashier about her "undiagnosed" child's milk allergy (among many other allergies she has come to learn) So once again, I jump in on that conversation and say my piece. Milk, led to formula which led to a bazillion other things and within MINUTES I had an entire group of people listening to what I was saying! I ended up talking for a 1/2 hour with these Trader Joe employee's and shoppers! It was INCREDIBLE! (And no, I did NOT plug my blog! LOL! Didn't think of it, I was so in the "teaching" moment!)

Anyway, you too, speak up, teach teach teach as Weston A. Price said! You can change people's lives forever!

Also, if you have any questions regarding your health or want to share any health related stories with me, please do! I would love to hear from you!  Your questions and stories will help SO many others!

Have a happy and healthy week!
Jeni Clark~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The GREAT Flouride Debate!

Got Healthy Teeth?

There are two main subjects to learn about here:
#1 WHY do some people have healthy teeth and some do not?
#2 The GREAT Fluoride debate!

Please take a moment to learn more about Fluoride! This is a biggy!

This will open your eyes to why people like me refuse fluoride in their drinking water, fluoride treatments etc... We are fluoride FREE here! I have spent COUNTLESS hours reading about flouride on both sides of the fence.  The evidence that flouride is not healthy, but more importantly, not needed is overwhelming!

The research of WHY people have healthy teeth should be the focus. Key word:  "PREVENTION"!  Fluoride has NOTHING to do with it! As you will read below, these tribal communities with PERFECT teeth had NO access to fluoride! Instead, what Dr. Price learned, is that these tribes ate REAL FOOD to prevent illness, and dental problems.  So grateful to have learned this while Calei was still so young! With her healthy REAL FOOD diet, she will never experience cavities, root canals, etc... etc... etc...

Here is an EXCELLENT quote taken from the Weston A. Price Foundation web site. PLEASE visit this site! It is LOADED with information to help you on your health journey!

“Dr. Weston A. Price, a Cleveland dentist, has been called the "Charles Darwin of Nutrition." In his search for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration that he observed in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to the evidence supplied by human beings. Dr. Price sought the factors responsible for fine teeth among the people who had them —the isolated "primitives." The world became his laboratory. As he traveled, his findings led him to the belief that dental caries and deformed dental arches resulting in crowded, crooked teeth and unattractive appearance were a sign of physical degeneration, resulting from what he had suspected —nutritional deficiencies.
Price traveled the world over in order to study isolated human groups, including sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos and Indians of North America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori and the Indians of South America. Wherever he went, Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, stalwart bodies, resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of primitives on their traditional diets, rich in essential food factors.
When Dr. Price analyzed the foods used by isolated primitive peoples he found that they provided at least four times the water soluble vitamins, calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat soluble vitamins —vitamin A and vitamin D —from animal foods such as fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats and butter from cows eating green grass.
Dr. Price discovered an additional fat soluble vitamin that he called "Activator X" and which was also referred to by others as the Price Factor or X Factor, and is now believed to be vitamin K2. It is a powerful catalyst which, like vitamins A and D, helps the body absorb and utilize minerals. It was present in the diets of all the healthy population groups he studied but unfortunately has almost completely disappeared from the modern western diet. Sources include organ meats from cows eating green grass, fish eggs and shellfish. Butter can be an especially rich source of Activator X/vitamin K2 when it comes from cows eating rapidly growing grass in the Spring and Fall seasons. It disappears in cows fed cottonseed meal or high protein soy-based feeds. Fortunately, Activator X/vitamin K2 is not destroyed by pasteurization.
The importance of good nutrition for mothers during pregnancy has long been recognized, but Dr. Price's investigation showed that primitives understood and practiced preconception nutritional programs for BOTH parents. Many tribes required a period of premarital nutrition, and children were spaced to permit the mother to maintain her full health and strength, thus assuring physical excellence to subsequent offspring. Special foods were often given to pregnant and lactating women, as well as to the maturing boys and girls, in preparation for future parenthood. Dr. Price found these foods to be very rich in fat soluble vitamins A, vitamin D and Activator X —nutrients found only in animal fats.
These primitives with their fine bodies, homogeneous reproduction, emotional stability and freedom from degenerative ills stand forth in sharp contrast to those subsisting on the impoverished foods of civilization —sugar, white flour, pasteurized low fat milk and convenience foods filled with extenders and additives.
The discoveries and conclusion of Dr. Price are presented in his classic volume Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. The book contains striking photographs of handsome, healthy primitives and illustrates in an unforgettable way the physical degeneration that occurs when human groups abandon nourishing traditional diets in favor of modern convenience foods.”

These tribal people did not get flourinated water, flouride treatments, use flouride toothpaste etc... I am sure you get the point! Healthy diets!
I will actually post again in regards to Flouride. There is just so much on this topic but I didnt want the blog to get too "word-y" :)
P.S. You can find Healthy flouride free toothpaste at Whole Foods.  Also, has a whole list of healthy toothpastes!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!