Thursday, April 7, 2011

GO WHITE SOX! (despite being raised a Cubs fan!)

Yes, this is POST #2 this week... HAD TO!

Honestly, I do NOT follow baseball BUT did read in the paper today that starting this year, U.S. Cellular Field will be stocking GLUTEN FREE and ORGANIC SNACKS!

(Deep breath) CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!?!?

SUCH a sign of the times people!!!!!!

Besides the ORGANIC fruit they will offer, by no means is this "health food" BUT for those of us who pack our food where ever we go, this is EXCITING NEWS!

I peaked at the picture of the food in the paper and it looks like Eden Organic Brand Nuts! Hip hip hooray! Green and Blacks Organic CHOCOLATE! Yummmmmmmy!!!! And some other organic "processed" gluten free food. Oh and I should mention Gluten Free Beer! (Gave up drinking quite a while ago, so a NO-GO for me!)

Again, NOT 100% healthy BUT much better then Macaroni and Cheese topped with CHEETOS! Gag, barf, puke!

This article comes out after my family and I went to the movies to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (thumbs UP!) I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, watching everyone gorge themselves on CRAP. I mean NOTHING at a theater is healthy. NOTHING.  In fact, the food at a theater causes SO MANY health issues! (as you now know from reading my blog) It saddened me to see so many people potentially unaware of what they are doing to their body! Compels me to continue writing and continue talking to whomever wants to "know" the truth (which seems to happen almost daily now!)

I was standing in line at Trader Joes today and the woman in front of me is telling the pregnant cashier about her "undiagnosed" child's milk allergy (among many other allergies she has come to learn) So once again, I jump in on that conversation and say my piece. Milk, led to formula which led to a bazillion other things and within MINUTES I had an entire group of people listening to what I was saying! I ended up talking for a 1/2 hour with these Trader Joe employee's and shoppers! It was INCREDIBLE! (And no, I did NOT plug my blog! LOL! Didn't think of it, I was so in the "teaching" moment!)

Anyway, you too, speak up, teach teach teach as Weston A. Price said! You can change people's lives forever!

Also, if you have any questions regarding your health or want to share any health related stories with me, please do! I would love to hear from you!  Your questions and stories will help SO many others!

Have a happy and healthy week!
Jeni Clark~

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