Saturday, April 23, 2011

Got Milk? I Hope it's RAW!

OOooo I probably just scared away a ton of people with that title alone! But please, bear with me, and read on!  This research was fascinating for me to do! I learned SO much about milk from a variety of reputable sources!  It was SO eye opening I would be dreaming about it at night! :) Yep, it's an understatement...I'm a food GEEK and SO grateful for all I am learning!

Lets talk store-bought pasteurized milk!

What is "pasteurization"? Some people don't even know. In my past unhealthy life (LOL) I didn't know the process milk went under (pasteurization) before it hit the shelves but I bought it thinking it was a healthy food.

So what is it? It's heating the milk to extreme temperatures, then cooling, which dramatically changes the structure of the milk proteins (hence, creating allergy).

SO WHY do we do it?  A little history...
It began in the 1920's.  It was used to kill germs that were spreading during that time due to unsanitary production methods.
TODAY, sanitation is NOT an issue, yet, pasteurization STILL exists.

The results of pasteurizing milk are as follows: (sorry this is a LONG one!)
1.  Kills enzymes that allow the body to absorb calcium! (NO kidding!)
2.  Destroys minerals that help body absorb the milks nutrients!
3.  Contributes to Osteoporosis (this is a blog within itself!)
4.  The sugars then cannot be digested and the fats become toxic
5.  Pasteurization destroys beneficial bacteria and lactic acids that protect your body from disease!
6.  It diminishes CORTISONE like factors in the milk that would OTHERWISE COMBAT ALLERGIES! (OOOOO this is a BIGGY!)
7.  Pasteurization destroys B12 and B6 (which by the way SO many people are B deficient!)
8.  It contributes to allergies, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, tooth decay, colic, reproductive issues, weak immune system, etc.. etc... etc... I am sure you get the point!
9. Most people cannot digest the lactose due to the lack of the lactose digesting enzyme called lactase.
10.  The milk protein "casein" causes havoc on the system.
11.  Pasteurized milk is the MAIN cause for colic in infants! Even breast fed babies if the mother consumes pasteurized dairy.

It is the #1 ALLERGIC food in this country! #1!!!
Pasteurized dairy has a wide range of antigens (immunoglobulins), antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones to name a few.

What's IN your pasteurize milk?
These sick cows are fed unhealthy diets, which in turn are passed on to you.

There IS an exception when it comes to some people's reaction to Pasteurized Dairy.  Pure milk fat (Ghee) (Clarified Butter) doesn't contain milk proteins or lactose.  It contains valuable nutrients like fatty acids, Vitamins A, D, E and beta carotene) Again RAW dairy :)

Raw Dairy is LOADED with beneficial nutrients, bacteria (the kind we NEED), vitamins (especially calcium), and enzymes (needed for digestion) and CLA. 

First off, the facts are, you can get sick from ANY food! That is reality. I ask you to check how many times RAW MILK was recalled VERSUS the THOUSANDS of processed food that is recalled DAILY!  I was FLOORED when I looked into this. TONS of food is recalled DAILY! 

So please, if you MUST drink milk, go to your local CO OP and get RAW MILK.  Also, begin reading about how Raw Milk can "cure" so many illnesses like Asthma and Skin related issues. The research is overwhelming!

Also, this is a condensed version of all I have learned. I am trying to keep things simple. There is SO much more to milk then what I just posted.  I am sure after reading some of my posts you probably have questions or still don't fully understand. PLEASE post comments and I will respond ASAP!

Have a HEALTHY and HAPPY week!

Jeni Clark~

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Laura Collins said...

Hi Jeni! I am so glad to see news about raw dairy spreading further! I first read about it years ago, but it took me A LOT of studying to make the switch. I am so, so grateful that I did. On pasteurized dairy, my son was borderline asthmatic with horrible seasonal allergies, unexplained hives and frequent bronchial ails. I am not exaggerating when I say that ALL OF THAT is gone... It disappeared within 2 months of introducing raw dairy. We don't eat much dairy at all, but 95% of what we do eat is raw. There is so much high quality information out there about this topic. I highly recommend that everyone learn about it! Perhaps readers will never make the switch, (or perhaps it will take 4 years like me), but at least readers will know this valuable nutritonal info!

Happy Easter!