Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The GREAT Flouride Debate!

Got Healthy Teeth?

There are two main subjects to learn about here:
#1 WHY do some people have healthy teeth and some do not?
#2 The GREAT Fluoride debate!

Please take a moment to learn more about Fluoride! This is a biggy! http://www.westonaprice.org/environmental-toxins/249-fluoride-worse-than-we-thought.html

This will open your eyes to why people like me refuse fluoride in their drinking water, fluoride treatments etc... We are fluoride FREE here! I have spent COUNTLESS hours reading about flouride on both sides of the fence.  The evidence that flouride is not healthy, but more importantly, not needed is overwhelming!

The research of WHY people have healthy teeth should be the focus. Key word:  "PREVENTION"!  Fluoride has NOTHING to do with it! As you will read below, these tribal communities with PERFECT teeth had NO access to fluoride! Instead, what Dr. Price learned, is that these tribes ate REAL FOOD to prevent illness, and dental problems.  So grateful to have learned this while Calei was still so young! With her healthy REAL FOOD diet, she will never experience cavities, root canals, etc... etc... etc...

Here is an EXCELLENT quote taken from the Weston A. Price Foundation web site. PLEASE visit this site! It is LOADED with information to help you on your health journey!

“Dr. Weston A. Price, a Cleveland dentist, has been called the "Charles Darwin of Nutrition." In his search for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration that he observed in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to the evidence supplied by human beings. Dr. Price sought the factors responsible for fine teeth among the people who had them —the isolated "primitives." The world became his laboratory. As he traveled, his findings led him to the belief that dental caries and deformed dental arches resulting in crowded, crooked teeth and unattractive appearance were a sign of physical degeneration, resulting from what he had suspected —nutritional deficiencies.
Price traveled the world over in order to study isolated human groups, including sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos and Indians of North America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori and the Indians of South America. Wherever he went, Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, stalwart bodies, resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of primitives on their traditional diets, rich in essential food factors.
When Dr. Price analyzed the foods used by isolated primitive peoples he found that they provided at least four times the water soluble vitamins, calcium and other minerals, and at least TEN times the fat soluble vitamins —vitamin A and vitamin D —from animal foods such as fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats and butter from cows eating green grass.
Dr. Price discovered an additional fat soluble vitamin that he called "Activator X" and which was also referred to by others as the Price Factor or X Factor, and is now believed to be vitamin K2. It is a powerful catalyst which, like vitamins A and D, helps the body absorb and utilize minerals. It was present in the diets of all the healthy population groups he studied but unfortunately has almost completely disappeared from the modern western diet. Sources include organ meats from cows eating green grass, fish eggs and shellfish. Butter can be an especially rich source of Activator X/vitamin K2 when it comes from cows eating rapidly growing grass in the Spring and Fall seasons. It disappears in cows fed cottonseed meal or high protein soy-based feeds. Fortunately, Activator X/vitamin K2 is not destroyed by pasteurization.
The importance of good nutrition for mothers during pregnancy has long been recognized, but Dr. Price's investigation showed that primitives understood and practiced preconception nutritional programs for BOTH parents. Many tribes required a period of premarital nutrition, and children were spaced to permit the mother to maintain her full health and strength, thus assuring physical excellence to subsequent offspring. Special foods were often given to pregnant and lactating women, as well as to the maturing boys and girls, in preparation for future parenthood. Dr. Price found these foods to be very rich in fat soluble vitamins A, vitamin D and Activator X —nutrients found only in animal fats.
These primitives with their fine bodies, homogeneous reproduction, emotional stability and freedom from degenerative ills stand forth in sharp contrast to those subsisting on the impoverished foods of civilization —sugar, white flour, pasteurized low fat milk and convenience foods filled with extenders and additives.
The discoveries and conclusion of Dr. Price are presented in his classic volume Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. The book contains striking photographs of handsome, healthy primitives and illustrates in an unforgettable way the physical degeneration that occurs when human groups abandon nourishing traditional diets in favor of modern convenience foods.”

These tribal people did not get flourinated water, flouride treatments, use flouride toothpaste etc... I am sure you get the point! Healthy diets!
I will actually post again in regards to Flouride. There is just so much on this topic but I didnt want the blog to get too "word-y" :)
P.S. You can find Healthy flouride free toothpaste at Whole Foods.  Also, http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ has a whole list of healthy toothpastes!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!

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Laura Collins said...

Perfct timing, Jeni! Dr. Mercola just posted about flouride again today. He points out that even the CDC and ADA are acknowledging flouride's toxicity. Here is his post, for anyone interested: