Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Medicine Batman!

So last week I went into my linen closet and looked up and saw this familiar bin. This "bin" was my "medicine bin".  This "bin" was used ALL the time before changing my diet! Given that we have been on this journey for almost 3 years, I was FLOORED and HORRIFIED at all the medication that I used to take ALL THE TIME because I was ALWAYS SICK!! 

It was "normal" for me to take "Pepcid" after eating because "I didn't feel well" or pop a "Tums" or two.  I HAD to carry Pepcid in my purse at ALL times so I was prepared if I got sick when I ate out.  I had "anti-diarrhea" medication, again, for not being able to "tolerate" certain foods.  I always got colds. I counted 3 bottles of Nyquil as well as MANY other over the counter "cold and flu drugs".  Then the cough medications with Codeine!  The only thing that worked for my chronic "bronchitis".  My "Vicks" for that "tickle" in my throat I could not get rid of!  Advil for my aches and pains and of course headaches.  I even found "baby Oragel, Cherry flavored" that I used to wipe ALL over Caleis gums! UGH!

Normal?? NO!! NOT AT ALL!! It is NOT normal to have ALL the above health problems and constantly take medication!

And then I began to sob! Yes, CRY! I have not TOUCHED this box in almost 3 years!! I have not HAD to touch this box in almost 3 years!! I will say that again, I have NOT had to touch this medication in almost 3 years!!  I was overwhelmed by emotion. I forgot how SICK I was!!
Oh and then it hit me, how FAR I have come on this health journey. While I am STILL detoxifying from YEARS of abuse, my body is OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH MORE HEALTHY then it was back in the "medicine box days".  
Had to share...

This catapulted me into sitting down and writing my "story" on paper. Because this SURE is a journey, not an over night "fix" and a journey I am FOREVER GRATEFUL I chose to go down!

While it is normal to get sick occasionally, it is NOT normal to be sick to the degree Calei and I were before changing our diets. I posted about this already.  Calei has been sick a handful of times this year, but that is normal, and its a child's way of building their immune system (something that was destroyed since the moment Calei was born due to her health issues).  I also know when she gets sick NOT to give her medication (unless she was literally dying).  Most ALL medications for children contain synthetic ingredients, SUGAR and FOOD DYE! These make people SICK!

We supply her body with nutrient dense foods, and immune support.  We are huge fans of Water, Vitamin D3, Probiotic, Colloidal Silver, and Chicken Broth and give the body what it needs to fight the illness on its own (hence truly building her immune system).  We rest and keep it simple. 

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!
Jeni Clark~

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