Thursday, May 5, 2011

SUGAR Part 2 (short and "sweet" and to the point!)

SO, what do you use!?

After all the reading, I believe Stevia is the best option. PLEASE, NOT the junky, processed Stevia!

Dr Mercola has a bunch of articles on sweetener if you are interested.

For some, not us, RAW honey and Grade B Maple Syrup are options.


And now for a quick, real-life story!

My daughter finished her last day of swimming. A sport, exercise, something you would relate to health and fitness, right? Wrong. At the last class, her instructor began to pass out Dum Dum suckers! Calei politely said "no thanks, they have corn syrup and food dye in them". 


Now, the next part of the story I have NO CLUE WHY I said what I did! I told her, "Calei when we get home you can have a Trader Joes sucker!" (no corn syrup or food dye but OMG tons of sugar!!!)  She was like "okay"... but really NO BIG DEAL!

We get home and I pull out the suckers (WHO KNOWS why we still have these from Halloween--she doesn't eat them!) and then remember we had dates in the fridge. I said "Calei, would you like a sucker or dates?"

She happily yells, "dates, dates, dates!!!"


WOW have we come FAR! What an amazing journey! And she is learning all this at FIVE years old! YIPPY! Great day in the Clark household!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!
Jeni Clark~

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