Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breaking News: FOOD ALLERGIES on the RISE! HELLO!!?? That is what I have been saying forever!

SO glad this is FINALLY leaking out, slowly, by mainstream medical.

Food allergies on the rise and they don't know why??
I will tell you why!! LOL!!  Read my blog and many others out there talking about it all! http://www.realnutritionblog.blogspot.com/

Anyway, this is the SAME doc that LAUGHED at me almost 4 years ago when I told her I thought Calei was allergic to corn syrup and food dye. I left Children's Memorial with NO food allergy diagnosis (boy did she miss that one!) and FIVE prescriptions for Calei--she was only 2!!! ALL of which went into the TRASH on my way out of her office. That is when my journey to real health truly began.

Ironically, this doc now has a young child with a food allergy! I can only assume that motivated her to finally do some research.  I am SURE her opinions have changed due to experiencing it for herself with her own child! (vs. taking it from me, who she said was "just" a first time mom and that I was over reacting!)

1:13 kids have food allergies (I think that number is low)

She lists reasons(theories):

1. We are too clean--yeah okay sure-- 100%
2. PROCESSED FOOD! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Did she REALLY SAY THAT!??! OMG! Wonder if she will get fired!?!?!
Don't be fooled! This includes all the GF processed junk food out there too!!!!

And she listed MILK!!!! as being a TOP food allergen! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! (as well as soy, wheat, blah blah blah--)  That does NOT include RAW Milk (which is totally different).

Needless to say,  if your child has any funky "symptom" (rash, behaviors, disease, disorders etc...) or if you do, please look into what they/you are eating. You would be amazed to learn these symptoms can be eliminated on the proper diet.

So here it is...a short video segment of the broadcast. Must watch.


When it came to my child's health (and mine) I didn't have time for mainstream medicine to catch up. GOOD to see they are FINALLY, slowly, taking my talk!  Knowledge is KEY!

What is your take on all this? PLEASE POST! Why do you think allergies are on the rise!?

Please pass along!

Jeni Clark~

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