Sunday, July 17, 2011

Antibiotics for Pink Eye? Well, not in our house!

"Antibiotic's are dangerous drugs and any decision to use them ought to be well weighed". Joette Calabrese

Okay now that is a bold statement! But there is truth in knowing what to take an antibiotic for and what not to!  The point being, there is a time and place for antibiotics.  When Calei was 6 weeks old, medications including antibiotics, saved her life!  But those are the key words in our family.  She had a "life or death" threatening illness that required these drugs.

Unfortunately, antibiotics are routinely prescribed for minor illnesses like ear infections, UTI's, coughs, pink eye, colds and flu etc...  All of which can mostly be fought off using your body, your immune system, and supplements that support and boost your immune system (not hinder it like antibiotics).

Yes, antibiotics work to kill bacteria (not viruses) but it also causes deeper and more serious issues and actually weakens the immune system for up to one year!

"If you choose to use an antibiotic you increase your changes to develop infections resistant to that antibiotic and you become a carrier of this resistant bug and spread it to others". Dr. Mercola

Therefore, it is SO important to take personal responsibility for your health and health decisions.  It is my firm belief to not take these potent antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. 

Okay, so WHAT DO I DO?

1.  Instead, support the body's natural ability to heal which allows for long term health.  Do you know in France, Italy, Germany, India and South America alternative health wise people use homeopathy vs conventional medicine?  In England, half of people use homeopathy!

2.  Dietary Changes!  Animals you consume are often fed antibiotics and those are directly transferred to you via the meat.  Choose Organic, Grass Fed, Free Range, Humanely Raised meat options.

3.  Wash Your Hands!  Avoid antibacterial soaps! They contain Triclosan which is a dangerous chemical that causes resistant bacteria.  I am constantly reading research that supports that these powerful soaps are not necessary.  This goes for household cleaners too.

4.  Consume Fresh Garlic! Did you know, Garlic is a natural "antibiotic" that bacteria CANNOT become resistant to!

5.  Avoid Pasteurized Milk!  This is a culprit for many health problems these days especially ear infections in children.

6.  Avoid Sugar and Fruit Juices!  These hinder your immune response and make you susceptible to infections.

7.  Don't forget to Pass on the Wheat!  Grains can cause inflammation and do not help when you are sick.

8.  Broth... Broth... Broth... and more HOMEMADE Broth!

9. Up your dosage of a QUALITY probiotic!

I am alarmed at the amount of antibiotics given to babies and small children for every cough, sniffle and ear ache.  Do you know that most ear infections are VIRAL and do NOT respond to antibiotic!  Not to mention, most kids get nasty side effects from antibiotics like rashes and diarrhea.  The American Academy of Pediatrics clearly states: "Allow children 48-72 hours to fight off their ear infection before beginning any antibiotic"  I highly recommend following their advice!

Here is the deal, most children come down with an ear infection (day #1) and by day#2 they are miserable.  By day #3 parents will take them into the pediatrician and get antibiotic.  By day #4 they are better. My question to those folks out there is this: What if you did all the immune boosting steps above? Would your child have been BETTER by day #4 anyhow? Was it the antibiotics fighting off the "ear infection" OR was the ear infection on its way out? Only you know.  Of course, I must point out, it is best to work with your pediatrician regarding any health issue pertaining to you or your child.

Recently, Calei came down with DOUBLE Pink Eye!
We are a HUGE fan of Soverign Silver (Silver Hydrosol) to treat most illnesses and boost the immune system so the body can fight the illness on its own.  This is SUPER easy to administer! It comes in a small glass bottle with an eye dropper. It is tasteless.  For Calei's pink eye we did 1 drop 3 times a day in her eye  and 1/2 tsp orally(held under the tongue for 30 seconds) for 2 days.  Her pink eye was GONE with NO side effects from antibiotics and without compromising her immune system long term.

I am grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn about REAL health. 

Have a Happy and Healthy week!
Jeni Clark~


Deborah said...

Hi Jeni!
Best treatment for Pink Eye is Mothers Milk. Yep! I used to keep it in the freezer just for that. I had a mom call me one time who knew I had a freezer stash and asked me for some for her sons pink eye. She made me swear to secrecy to never tell a sole - ooops! my bad - at least I did not mention names!

Anonymous said...

YES! Breast Milk! THANKS SO MUCH for posting that! For those of you who have a "stash" or who are breastfeeding, this is 100% known to cure pink eye.