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Francis M. Pottenger "Pottenger's Cats"

This can be considered Part 2 of Weston A. Price.  Pottenger's research compliments Weston A. Price.

Francis M. Pottenger Jr. M.D. was dedicated to preventing illness and studied the role nutrition plays in maintaining good health.  From 1932-1942 he did research on cats.  He discovered that deficiencies in nutrition led to deficiencies in bone maturation by effecting the adrenal and thyroid glands.  These are very much our current health concerns of our day! 

To summarize:

Raw milk/Raw meat/Cod Liver Oil consuming cats = healthy cats and kittens generation after generation.

Pasteurized milk cats = NOT healthy: They had respiratory problems (Similar to what we see today. Asthma can be cured for some by consuming RAW milk and eliminating all pasteurized milk)

Evaporated and sweet condensed milk = even worse!  These cats were very irritable, noting behaviors like pacing back and forth.

Vitamin D milk = These cats has calcium/phosphorus ratios that became imbalanced and there were marked changes in bone composition. Rickets was also noted.

Raw milk from cows who consumed dry feed showed similar deficiencies as with pasteurized milk!  There was major hormone variations in the raw milk between cows  that consumed dry feed vs fresh feed. This is why it is so important if you consume dairy to only consume RAW dairy products from healthy organic cows grazing on grass in the sun all day!  His research clearly shows that the nutritional value of animal products such as milk depends on the nutritional value of the producing animals diet! This also includes eggs and chickens!

Heat processed and cooked meat effected the cats.  The cats had reproductive problems including efficiency in delivery and nursing effectively  The kittens had problems in: skeletal development, dentofacial structure, calcium/phosphorus content in bones, issues in resistance to infection, and allergic sensitivity.  On a poor diet, each generation got weaker and weaker.  Sound familiar??

I love the generational research. It clearly shows that cats who are fed a poor diet got worse each generation.  By the 3rd generation the cats were so sick and producing very sick kittens with brittle, porous, easily fractured bones and major calcium/phosphorus deficiencies!

Allergies and Thyroid:
Cats and kittens that consumed raw food and Cod Liver Oil had NO allergies or thyroid issues.  None!

However, milk allergies were super common on second and third generation nutrient deficient cats, including asthma.  Think about how "allergies are on the rise" now in our day? See the correlation!?

These cats and kittens intestinal track was elongated, lacking elasticity and tone.  They had skin disorders.  They had significant thyroid problems.  Did you know, a bad thyroid leads to SIGNIFICANT reproductive problems? I think about all the people these days, on poor diets, who "think" they are eating healthy, yet cannot conceive!  From everything I have read, I firmly believe eating SAD (Standard American Diet) is contributing to weaker and sicker generations. 

Here is another interesting discovery:
Cats who were fed raw milk from fresh fed cows with cooked meat did "better".  The raw milk lessened the effects of the cooked meat.
Cats who were fed raw milk from dry fed cows with raw meat had normal kittens. 
Therefore, raw meat countered the deficiency in the dry feed!

Finally, this is the part I love the most! He discovered you can REVERSE health conditions by switching to a nutrient dense healthy diet! This is SO promising! No pills or drugs. No fad diet! Just REAL FOOD, prepared properly. How much easier can it get!?

If you would like more detailed information please read, "Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., M.D."  This research is eye opening!

Have a Happy and Healthy week!

Jeni Clark~

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