Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Do you have a pet? Do you know what is in the food you feed them?

Here is important information from the store Raining Cats and Dogs in Homer Glen:

Raining Cats and Dogs in Homer Glen says, "improving the quality of life for your pet is our top priority..."

For most of us "pet owners", our pets health is just as important as our own health.  Our pets are part of our family.  We want them to be around for as long as possible!

That is why I LOVE Raining Cats and Dogs in Homer Glen, IL ( The warm, friendly, pet-loving , knowledgeable staff will help you choose premium quality food that is best for your pet.  They offer whole grain, grain free and raw foods.  All foods are made in the U.S.A. with NO fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives!

Our crazy Pomeranian, Hannah, had a horrible rash as a puppy.  The "vet" wanted to put her on LIFE LONG allergy medication!  He NEVER mentioned diet!  We went to grain/corn free food for her and the rash vanished!  (BTW this dietary change goes for people too!)

Needless to say, the pet food in grocery and big box stores is appalling! "These highly processed chemically enhanced foods that have been the norm for the past 50 years are making our pets sick and shortening their life expectancies".

Sound familiar?? Sounds like everything I blog about when it comes to HUMAN FOOD!

And GO FIGURE, by switching to REAL PET FOOD, you significantly reduce veterinary expenses and eliminate chronic health conditions!

So go visit Raining Cats and Dogs or check out their web site! Your pet will thank you!

Raining Cats and Dogs:
Pet Grocer, Apothecary and Spa
Owners: Lu Mitchell and Mike Brogan

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week to you and your WHOLE family, pets included!

Jeni Clark

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