Sunday, October 23, 2011

NUTS and SEEDS...1.Raw 2.Soak 3.Dehydrate

You may say, "WHAT!", "HUH?", "WHY?"

Well read below!

First, buy only RAW nuts and seeds!  Nuts in stores have been roasted, toasted, and pasteurized to extend shelf life and usually contain a ton of junk ingredients that can cause illness.  No point in eating these kind of nuts.  The nutrition in these nuts and seeds are "dead".

Try to plant a processed almond in the ground and watch it NOT grow!  A raw almond will grown into an almond tree.

Second, in a glass bowl, soak your raw nuts in water and a bit of Celtic sea salt over night.  Why? Because nuts and seeds "as-is" naturally contain enzyme inhibitors.  These enzymes are unstable and are contained in the seed until needed during germination and for growth of the new plant.  They keep the nut from sprouting too early (think hibernation), but they can wreak havoc on our digestive system.  The salt helps activate enzymes.

You can mimic germination by soaking the nuts and seeds over night.  The water softens the nut/seed and the enzyme inhibitors go away and the enzymes are now available for use.  This is when they "come to life" and are ready for consumption.

Third, bake the nuts and seeds!
The next morning, rinse nuts/seeds and place on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with Celtic salt.  Bake on the lowest temperature on your oven (150 degrees or lower) all day.  Dry them out or they can get moldy.  The best plan is to use a dehydrator and dehydrate them. 

Store them in glass mason jars. Walnuts should be stored in the fridge.

Your nuts/seeds are an excellent source of available digestive enzymes which most people don't get enough of so the human body has to work hard to produce these enzymes for many essential digestive purposes!
Also, the more digestive enzymes we have to make the less metabolic enzymes we CAN make.  The metabolic enzymes help run all the systems in our body!  So get those digestive enzymes from food!

This traditional method of preparing nuts has been around forever! Think Aztecs! Yes, a LONG time!

What to do with nuts/seeds:
* eat them out of the jar!
*grind up and use for yummy nut flours and bake with them (think home made Larabars!)
*grind into nut and seed butters
*sprinkle in salad or eat with fruit for better absorption of nutrients

Last but not least, Raw, Soaked, Baked nuts/seeds will be the BEST tasting nuts/seeds you have EVER had! Believe me!

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!
Jeni Clark~

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