Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nourish M.D. and the Great Vaccine Debate!

I have yet to blog about vaccines.  Mostly, because it tends to divide people into two separate groups. Those who vaccinate and those that don't.  The in-between-ers are a minority.  This topic also tends to stir up fears and people become very defensive regardless on what side of the fence you are on.  Personally, I have seen vaccines directly effect children in a negative way, including my own child, therefore, I personally do not choose vaccinations.  I chose preventing disease and living a lifestyle that promotes health and a strong immune system. 

Anybody that knows me knows how much I love the Nourish M.D. gals!  #1 They have SO much common sense.  #2 They are not extreme.

I am SURE many people think my lifestyle IS extreme.  I think this is simply because my lifestyle is NOT the "norm".  But remember, the earth was once believed by most to be flat!  If you want a list of other "ideas" that humans believed to be fact and truth see this list:

Here is a GREAT post from Nourish M.D. addressing vaccines. I believe it is the best written article on this topic! See for yourself.

I highly recommend signing up for their phenomenal, informative, blog! Not only do they give good health advice and educate about nutritional truth, they also have fabulous articles on parenting.

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY week!

Jeni Clark~

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