Monday, January 30, 2012

Polio...Did you know???

I always hear, "but the Polio vaccine eradicated Polio!"

First off, if you have not visited National Vaccine Information Center (, please do so NOW! Amazing site! Tons of truthful information regarding vaccines.

The following information was taken from their web site:

Did you know that MOST infectious diseases of the mid 1800's to early 1900's were almost completely gone BEFORE the vaccines were introduced? I almost feel I should repeat that sentence!

"According to the World Health Statistics Annual of 1973-1976 said that there had been a steady decline in infectious disease in MOST developing countries regardless of vaccines administered. They believe that the diseases disappeared as a result of improved sanitation, improved water supplies, improved personal hygiene, and better nutrition. In addition, diseases for which there were no vaccines also declined dramatically. From 1850-1940 diseases had declined by 90% and were at an all time LOW, just when the vaccines were being introduced".  AGAIN, I feel like repeating that sentence.
 Let's talk history:
Picture this... It's the late 1800's. You live with your animals and their by-products. You use their feathers and fur in your home. There is no refrigerator or running water. Your food storage's have rodents and bugs. You have poor personal hygiene. Your well is near your out house. You washed in ponds and rivers shared with animals.

However, in 1911, we now have refrigerators!
Piped water supply 1948!

In 1956 the Polio vaccine was introduced. 1956!
Hmm? A tad late?

However, more importantly, is what is contained in the Polio vaccine.  So, what is contained in the Polio vaccine?:

1. The LIVE Polio vaccine contained SV40, a cancer producing virus which was used until the late 90's.
2. In the 1950's, the Polio vaccine contained over 26 monkey viruses, including SV40. A doctor named, Dr. Howward Urnovitz of Microbiology and Immunology, dedicated his career to researching vaccines and cancer. He discovered that the cancer causing monkey virus was detected in human tumors. You now know how that can happen!
3. The LIVE Polio vaccine was stopped in the 1990's due to the undeniable proof of all its toxicity and for causing almost ALL the Polio cases in this country. NOBODY talks about the 24,000 kids in 1988 that developed Polio like paralysis in the Oral Polio vaccine.

Bottom line, why wait for everyone to catch on about the toxicity of vaccines?

I got the LIVE Polio vaccine. I had bad reactions. Too bad for me, right!? I was part of ONE big experiment and as a child I was unable to say, "no" to vaccines.

These posts are short little segments to get you thinking.  They are intended to get you to reading like I have. I encourage you to begin browsing on the sites listed in the past few posts and just read. Simple. Just begin to read. There is no doubt that you too will begin to question what you have been told to be true.

Have a happy and healthy week!

Jeni Clark~

P.S. I'm taking a few weeks off from blogging :) I will be back in February with more thought provoking posts and yummy recipes!

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