Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Health Food in Hospitals?

You would think, given that people are at hospitals because they are either sick or recovering, that hospitals would have the HEALTHIEST food on the planet. Think not. Health food in hospitals is as easy to find as a needle in a hay stack (if it even exists at ALL!)

The past year or so, I have spent more time in the hospital with family members then I care for!  However, during this time, I learned a lot about the reality of a hospital setting.

I learned that there is a "pill" for anything. Dry mouth, incontenence, flem, etc.. you name it, readily available at your request. I learned that the hospital staff I met never cared about the SOURCE of symptoms. I found it to be a "band aid" like approach to health care. So foreign to me.

I learned that because of the above method, BOTH of my family members were WORSE off when in the hospital due to over medicating. :(

I learned that the food they are serving patients is loaded with chemicals and unhealthy ingredients that cause people's bodies to work over time and to fight like hell to process the ingredients. These people are sick and/or recovering! Therefore this method makes absolutely NO sense!

If you have been reading my blog you probably have a good idea of the ingredients in processed Jello, Pop, Pudding etc... in all the "liquid diet foods".  I am skeptical about hospital broth. Do they make it there or does it come from a toxic can? Needless to say, this does anything but help the patient recover and get well.

Portions are Gi-Normous. A sugar (and most likely corn syrup based) dessert is always served with a meal.  It is a known fact sugar does NOT support the immune system and healing. WHY is it accepted in hospitals?

Sarah, from the Health Home Economist does a fabulous job addressing this subject. If you have not signed up for her blog, please do so, its fabulous!

Take a peak at what she wrote:

I echo her words.

It was frustrating watching family members who were experiencing excruciating pain, and being fed the EXACT foods that CAUSE pain. Very very frustraing. And the funny thing is, when I would speak up about the issue I never had ANY hospital staff member disagree with me. In fact, during a curiousity trip to the caffeteria recently, I met a doctor who was pondering his food choices, flipping over each item and what appeared to be as reading the ingredients. I humorously said, "nothing a doctor would eat huh?" He chuckled and said, "Yep, gonna stick with water!". This says a lot! He was a smart man, because, even the fruit in the hospital was drenched in pesticides. Gosh, knowing what I have read about water, I'm even skeptial of the bottled water!

I had an ultrasound tech tell me I knew more about the human body then most of the docs at the hospital. (Not sure I agree with that one!) She went on to tell me about her successful dietary changes she had made to help with her arthritis.  She said everyone thought she was coo coo until her symptoms literally disappeared. She said now they listen to her and are making changes themselves!

I had another nurse offer my family member a flu shot. When I started rattling off the facts about flu shots she immediately defended herself and said, "well I would NEVER get one! I just have to offer it to patients!" (Heavy sigh)

Next time you are in the hospital, remember to pack your cooler before going! And, if a loved one is in the hosital, bring them nutrient dense, healing foods so they can get well ASAP!

Have a happy and healthy week!
Jeni Clark~

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