Monday, April 8, 2013

Digestive Wellness Cookbook: "A Taste of Wellness"

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Everyone knows I LOVE Digestive Wellness! Not only for their amazing food, but because they are an outstanding company! Did I say outstanding!? Yes!

Esther, at Digestive Wellness, has been with me every step of the way answering any questions I might have about their products.

After trying many nut flours on the market, this is the ONLY place I buy my nut flours. This is also the ONLY place I buy my cocoa butter from. Their organic vanilla smells divine and tastes amazing! I support this company 100% (and NO I don't work for them! )

I was SO EXCITED to find out that Digestive Wellness was coming out with a cookbook! Right up my alley! However, this is MORE then just a cookbook, this is a cookbook resource! There is SO much information packed into this 275 recipe book! I wish this was around when I first began on this REAL FOOD journey!

Check it out:

A Taste of Wellness

If you have any questions about their products feel free to email me at:

Jeni Clark~

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