Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thoughts from the Real Food Gal: CONSCIOUS EATING and GRATITUDE

I no longer take food for granted.  “Real Food”, that is.

I can’t say I felt like this while I was on SAD (Standard American Diet), while frequenting fast food joints, or eating frozen microwaved dinners where my “food” (or lack of) was delivered pretty much instantly.

I had NO consciousness of what I was eating.  None what-so-ever.  No consciousness of what exactly I was putting into my body, day in, day out.  Never once flipped over a package and read a label. Even if I did, I would have had no clue what those ingredients were.  No consciousness eating that “healthy” chicken and pasta TV dinner that was FILLED with toxins that my body could not digest nor process.  These toxins accumulate over time causing a boat load of illnesses and “symptoms” that tend to be treated with the latest “pill”.
I just did not know.

Today, I am different.  Today, I consciously think about what goes in and ON my body.  I listen to what my body needs day to day.  I am more in tune with myself than ever before. 

Following that, comes DEEP gratitude for Real Food.  Deep, like I never experienced before.  I DO NOT waste ANY food, ever, like I routinely did in the past.  All my food is greatly appreciated.  With processed food, I never knew that feeling.

There is a different energy eating plastic wrapped processed fruit snacks compared to a handful of raw Goji berries and properly prepared raw nuts.  It’s day and night.

Did you consciously eat today?
What did you consciously eat?
Every little bit counts!

Please share your Real Food thoughts and experiences!

Wishing you HEALTH and HAPPINESS!

Jeni Clark

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Edie said...

YES!! Well put.

To reference Joel Salatin, it is "historical normalcy" to eat only real food, to waste nothing, and to appreciate it's life giving properties. Our current societal eating habits most definitely ain't normal ;)

A little conscious eating might go a long way...

Thanks Jeni!