Wednesday, May 15, 2013

JELLO! From "Wellness Mama"

Many of you know I have been using Great Lakes Gelatin in just about anything I can! The nutritional value is outstanding!

Now, I was determined to make Jello. My first batch was a tad runny. It was yummy, but runny :( I used freshly juiced oranges and frozen pineapple.  I think it flopped  because I added frozen pineapple. I am hearing from others this is a no-no.
So, try again...
This time I decided to try Organic Black Cherry Juice (yes, from the store, sigh...) and no fruit.

I will experiment with other freshly juiced fruit in the future. I wanted to get it right and I did!

I followed the recipe from "Wellness Mama" except I did add about 5 drops of liquid Stevia to my jello. Perfection!

Here is the recipe:

If you have not signed up for Wellness Mama, do so now! Love it!

Wishing you health and happiness!

Jeni Clark~

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