Monday, August 12, 2013

And the WINNER IS.....


******CONGRATS!!!! ******

Today's blog post is dedicated to all those who participated in the Real Food Gal Private Facebook Page contest. (and yes, I did pick the name out of a hat!)

RFG followers were asked how they felt eating Real Food in order to win 25 RFG recipes!
The responses: OUTSTANDING!

Here is how RFG followers FEEL eating Real Food:

Healthy, Invigorated, Normal, Rejuvenated, Longevity, Balanced, Responsible, Good, Alive, Free, Blessed, Clean, Happy, Wholesome, Strong, Energized, Detoxed, Real, Fan-tab-u-lous!, Healing, Better, Energetic, and FABULOUS!

Whoo Weee... this could be words for a motivational poster!

I thank ALL of you RFG FB followers for participating and for your INSPIRING words!

If you are not part of this private group, and would like me to add you, please contact me at: OR find me on Facebook: Jeni Clark

New contest!
You will be able to try and win 1 lb. of my FAVORITE Almond Flour from Digestive Wellness! Stay tuned!

Wishing you peace, health and happiness,

Jeni Clark

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