Little Joe's Restaurant

In Spring of 2013, I met and became close friends with Sue Vazquez, owner of Little Joe's Famous Italian Restaurante and eventually her entire family! Abby is her super hard working husband, Gerardo and Vincenzo are her two wonderful son's and Victoria is her beautiful daughter.
The original restaurant was opened in 1958 off of 63rd Street in Chicago.  After all these years, Little Joe's is STILL family owned and operated.  Sue and her family are so dear to my heart.

Sue approached me and shared that she wanted to offer her customers healthier food options. So, we decided to develop, "Natural Joe's", an extension of "Little Joe's" menu.  Over the course of the year, I shared all my recipes to date and with the help of her family, we began cooking and cooking and tasting and tasting.  Before we knew it, an entire menu was formed.  Our signature dish:  A HEALTHY PIZZA CRUST!

I had the exciting opportunity to share my homemade Gluten, Dairy, Chemical, Soy, Corn, Hydrogenated Fat, Sugar FREE (you get the idea!) pizza crust with Little Joe's Famous Italian Restaurante!  The pizza was a HUGE hit! This crust is like NO other! It is packed with nutrients like Almonds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Celtic Sea Salt and Raw Honey. This low carbohydrate option is GREAT for people suffering from Autoimmune related illnesses, those who are watching their weight or those who just want GREAT TASTING PIZZA! The taste is AMAZING! It will leave you wanting to come back for more!

I also created a Gluten Free/Dairy Free Raw Cheesecake. Ingredients like Cashews, Fresh squeezed Lemons, Cacao Powder, and Raw Honey are used to make this incredible dessert! The creamy texture of this cheesecake will have you questioning the LACK of dairy but NOT LACK of taste!  This is so healthy it could be eaten for breakfast!


Enjoy the pictures below and the start of the Natural Joe's Menu! More food items will slowly be added as word catches on. So, want more options? Tell your friends to EAT AT LITTLE JOE'S and support the Vazquez family for doing the right thing-FEEDING PEOPLE HEALTHY HOMEMADE FOOD! Where can you go these days to get homemade food? Little Joe's!

Also, do you LOVE their ORIGINAL MENU? Well, NO WORRIES, the original menu is STILL there! ALL your long time favorites are STILL on the ORIGINAL MENU! And if you have a nut allergy, the original GF crust is still available.

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: Little Joe's has opened a NEW, upscale restaurant located in Frankfort IL. 20805 S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort IL (In Waltz shopping plaza)  The restaurant was just featured in the Chicago Tribune!

Hope you decide to stop in and try these delicious healthy items at Little Joe's. The Natural Joe's menu AND the Little Joe's ORIGINAL menu is located at:

20805 S. LaGrange Road in Frankfort IL (In Waltz shopping plaza).



Wishing you peace, health and happiness...

Jeni Clark~

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