What Real Food Gal followers are saying :)

"Here you go! 
The picture on the right is 1 month before GAPS and the picture on the left is 3 months after we started GAPS. We were still on intro at this point.  I think the picture speaks for it's self."

"And...Here is some blog posts I did when we started GAPS.http://piece-by-piece4hayden.blogspot.com/2012/05/our-new-dietgaps.html

"Hi Jeni! I saw your post on your real food fb group and I'm a walking testimonial to eating real food. I started the paleo challenge at my gym on January 7. I'm 90 days strong now eating paleo and real food. I've lost 25 pounds in 60 days, almost 9% body fat, and am in the healthiest shape of my life!" J. Rice~

"Organic, unprocessed, gluten free Easter was a success. Xoxo Thanks Jeni Clarkexcited for my recipie binder... Proof you can cook and eat REAL food and it still be amazing!!" S. Camfield~

"I thought I was a healthy eater until I started to actually research nutrition and the food system. Having Jeni, the Real Food Gal as a source as well as other books and documentaries helped me realize that "healthy" in America (ie: the fat free, diet soda, turkey sandwich, pretzels, and lean cuisines diet) can be deadly and is causing heart disease, obesity and a nutrition deficit. It's amazing how your body and mind can feel after feeding it the real nutrition it needs. Do your research, don't blindly believe the labels!"  Courtney Hubbard~

"I received my binder. Love, love, love the hard work you put into this. I'm super excited to make every recipe!  I already made, "Calei's Crazy Coconut Chicken" (love the name by the way) and it tasted fantastic. :) Thanks so much!"  Jenny~

"After giving up dairy, eating clean fruits, veggies & meats, learning SO much from the "real food gal" as well as research done due to my daughter's autism journey, I have lost 25 lbs AND lowered my blood pressure tremendously!!! I feel SO much better and it feels so amazing knowing I am feeding my family the best way possible! Jeni's chicken soup is a favorite in our house! My parents were in town for a visit and I made the chicken soup for dinner one night and my mom said it was the best soup she had ever had!" Lindy ~

"My son can't believe that the (Real Food Gal) BBQ chicken is healthy...." This tastes too good to be healthy!!!!  It is FREAKIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~Maria

 "WOW... I already buy raw unroasted, untoasted, unseasoned nuts... during the Whole Life Challenge, and even with already being a label reader, I was shocked to see how many nuts actual have ADDED fats to them... and truth is if they are raw, unsalted, and unseasoned they aren't a trigger food that causes over consumption... but I didn't realize I should be soaking and dehydrating my raw nuts.... but my FB friend Jeni Clark has a really interesting post about this http://www.realfoodgal.com/search/label/Nuts%20and%20Seeds - and if you don't think this girl knows her stuff, then I encourage you to read her my story on her blog.... from years of personal health issues and experience I'd trust what this woman says over someone with a nutrition degree.... in fact one person studying for their nutrition degree... their book said margarine is a better option then butter.... THAT is scary, that a book to help someone study for a degree in nutrition, would advocate a chemically laden frankensubstance like margarine, over butter??? " ~Kimberly

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