It is my goal to empower people with the knowledge and means to heal themselves.  In so doing, they will become intuitively aware of how to achieve optimum health.

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Do you need help?

HELP! I am sick! My child is sick! What do I do?

I work by appointments only.
Please contact me via email, text  or phone:
SOLHomeopathy@gmail.com OR 708-217-3324

What is an ACUTE CASE? 
An acute case contains some type of symptom(s) that just “pops up”.  There is a start and end to the symptom(s).  Acute symptoms are symptoms such as colds, coughs, ear aches, sore throats, diarrhea, headaches, bumps and bruises, fever, poison ivy, bee sting, etc…

Please call to set up an appointment to talk for approximately 15-30 minutes.  I will gather as much information as possible about the acute illness and I will prescribe a remedy for the condition.  If you have the remedy or alternative medicine on hand, you will then be able to treat the illness from the comfort of your home.  This is one of the perks of using homeopathy and natural means to heal.  

This is where having the homeopathy kit is VERY handy (see below) because most remedies are in this acute kit.  You can then dose the remedy immediately versus ordering it on line or having to go to the store.  

I will help you until the acute illness has resolved. 

A Chronic case, such as PANDAS, or other auto immune diseases is much more involved and more time is given for the appointment.

A chronic case contains symptoms that have been lingering for a long time and typically do not resolve on their own.  Examples, of chronic conditions include PANDAS, anxiety, depression, Lyme, insomnia, PMS, arthritis, diabetes, etc...  Or symptoms like, "I have never been well since getting the flu when I was 12."

I specialize in PANDAS/PANS given my history with my daughter's illness but am well versed on many health ailments. 

RATES as of 6-1-18:

Acute Cases:
$100 NEW PATIENT FEE (Waved if Chronic)
$50 day 1 (minimum $50) for acute appointments.   
$25 for each additional day.
Most acutes resolve within 1-2 days. Homeopathic kit is needed.

Acute appointments typically run 1/2 hour on day 1.  This does not include remedies. 
Chronic Cases:
Flat rate fee: $350 plus shipping if applicable.

A typical initial consult can last up to 2 hours.  During that time I will gather as much information about your physical, mental, emotional state.  This information allows me to create a protocol specific to your unique health needs. After the appointment, a 6 week protocol is designed for the patient's unique needs. The protocol includes homeopathic remedies and could include life style changes such as supplements and  diet recommendations including access to all of Jeni's REAL FOOD GAL recipes.  During those 6 weeks, Jeni is available to answer and questions you might have and tweak the protocol if needed.  She also focuses on educating the patient in regard to homeopathy and guides them on how to heal themselves using alternative modalities. Check-in's via text are required of the patient to ensure optimal success in treatment!
Follow-up appointments: $150 plus shipping if applicable. This includes a follow-up appointment that lasts approximately 1/2 hr-1 hour and includes a new 6 weeks protocol, and remedies, if appropriate.
Follow up appointments are necessary when doing homeopathy.  At that time, we discuss the remedy (s) prescribed and make any needed adjustments or changes.

I accept PayPal, Check or Cash as a means for payment. 
ALL appointments are Eastern Standard Time.  
During the chronic protocol, I am available via email FREE of charge for all general updates, scheduling related issues, basic questions, questions regarding dosing and simple advice.  If the patient needs more extensive support, or if an acute pops up, and Jeni is doing analysis of symptoms, appointment rates apply.  If quickly addressed, there is no charge. 

I am available 1:1 for local Sarasota residents at my 360 Degree Wellness office.  I am also available from the comfort of your own home via Skype or Phone Consult on a first-come-first-serve basis.  This allows you to not have to travel to a health appointment and you can work from the comfort of your own home in a relaxed environment.

Please contact me at: SOLHomeopathy@gmail.com or 708-217-3324 for an appointment.

ALL new patients must fill out an intake form prior to first appointment. 

Please Note:
I HIGHLY recommend having an acute remedy kit on hand.  It is worth every penny and will prevent unnecessary last minute trips to the doctor.  These remedies are high quality and contain good potencies vs. the remedies you get from the store.

You can find an acute remedy kit on line at Source Homeopathy
Contact me for password.

I also use other natural alternative methods other than homeopathy to treat the whole body.  I use substances like food, herbs and oils and refer people to complimentary practitioners such as acupuncturists, herbalists and energy workers.


Diet is the foundation to a healthy body and to prevent disease.
Please see www.realfoodgal for more information on how to get off the Standard American Diet (SAD), nourish your soul and prevent illness. 
I am still available to help anyone wishing to get off the Standard American Diet and on to a “Real Food” diet and learn how to cook.  Please see a complete list of diet related services on my website.

Nutritional Consult $100.00
This consult would include a nutritional intake, a 3 month diet plan addressing your specific needs and a digital copy of Real Food Gal Volume 1 Recipes.


Sean Leonard, AP       
Sean Leonard is a Washington State native, and graduate of Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. He has over twenty years’ experience in the martial and healing arts.   He is a compassionate and skilled intuitive acupuncturist and herbalist.  He is also the creator of Quantum Potentials intuitive system.  Sean has spent the past ten years developing Alchemy Qigong movement classes. He currently practices and teaches weekly Alchemy classes at Radiance Center in Sarasota, FL.  He is also available for appointments at Radiance Center or via Skype.

Both Jeni Clark and Sean Leonard's skill sets compliment each other. They are available for co-treatment sessions.

Jeni Clark and Sean Leonard had a vision to create a space that promotes wellness that is located in Sarasota, Florida.
For more information or to make an appointment please log on to:  www.360degreewellness.com or call (941)-525-3752

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